What are our goals?

  • To provide a user-friendly software solution to register, track, and as appropriate retire or cancel ER units generated under the WB Programs
  • To implement a strong and reliable architecture to create, govern, store and maintain ER data
  • To guarantee transparency and security to the operation of the system
  • To mitigate double counting, double claiming & double selling risks of the ER units generated under the WB Programs

Who We are

We are a multi-disciplinary team of experts from the climate change fund management, information technology, environmental and international law, who have contributed towards this initiative.

Julian Gonzalo Jimenez Team Lead
Bong Thi Le Team Member
Alejandra Bustamante Team Member
Atul Gupte Team Member
Greg Robberechts Team Member
Iftekhar Islam Team Member
Khaled Derbas Team Member
Li LianChoo Team Member
Markus Pohlmann Team Member
Rama Chandra Reddy Team Member
Ramraj Rangarajan Team Member
Ranjith Menon Team Member
Roy Parizat Team Member
Russell Nunes Team Member
Siet Meijer Team Member
Simon Whitehouse Team Member
Xiaoxin Shi Team Member